ConvaTec Introduces New Urostomy Pouch Designed for Unmatched Comfort, Discretion and Security


Pouch System with Moldable Technology™ for Clinically Proven Leak and Skin Protection

DEESIDE, WALES (September 10, 2014) – ConvaTec, a leading global medical products and technologies company, today launched a new urostomy pouch with softer materials and other features to provide improved comfort, a slimmer profile and enhanced security.

The new Natura® + urostomy pouch is part of a two-piece system that includes an adhesive wafer that connects the pouch to the skin. The wafer is designed with ConvaTec’s proprietary Moldable Technology™ for clinically proven skin and leak protection.

The launch is the latest in a series of new product introductions that leverage ConvaTec’s Moldable Technology to meet a broader set of customer needs.

People with a urostomy have a surgically-created opening (or stoma) for the discharge of urine, commonly as a result of certain cancers, disease or injury. The new pouch is designed with soft, flexible materials to give wearers greater comfort, security and discretion. Paired with wafers featuring Moldable Technology, wearers can be assured of an incredibly secure, snug fit around the stoma.

“Due to the liquid output from their stomas, people with a urostomy have unique needs and are susceptible to skin issues,” said Douglas LeFort, Vice President and General Manager of ConvaTec’s Ostomy Care business. “Our Moldable Technology is clinically proven to keep skin healthy. The combination of our redesigned pouch and Moldable Technology provides unmatched comfort and protection, to help people with a urostomy live life to the fullest.”

The new urostomy pouch features a streamlined shape and soft body-side comfort panel to reduce friction between the pouch and skin. It also features quilt-like baffling that evenly distributes urine for a slimmer, more discreet profile and less tugging. The flexible “soft tap” closure is also more comfortable against the skin and works with multiple drainage systems for night-time convenience. An anti-reflux valve helps keep urine from flowing back into the stoma.

Moldable Technology skin barriers feature a moldable, elastic-like seal that “rebounds” to fit any stoma size and shape. A person with an ostomy simply rolls and molds the adhesive to fit his or her stoma. The moldable seal then “turtlenecks” upward to enhance the seal and maximize skin protection. Other skin barriers don’t move with and respond to the stoma this way and can leave gaps, exposing skin to the damaging effects of bodily waste.

For even greater comfort and flexibility, the new Natura + pouch can be paired with ConvaTec’s new Accordion Flange wafer. Users simply lift the flange upward from a flat profile to click the pouch into place. In the down position, the flange gives the wearer a low profile that is designed to be extremely flexible, comfortable and conforms to body contours.

Studies show that half of all people with an ostomy develop skin complications, and the majority of problems stem from bodily waste leaking in between the stoma and the skin barrier. By contrast, more than 95 percent of patients who started on Moldable Technology kept their skin healthy, and more than 86 percent of those with pre-existing skin disorders had improved skin after switching to Moldable Technology.

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